Jesse James Takes Aim at the Luxury Gun Market

Former ‘Monster Garage’ star Jesse James is taking his talent for building customized motorcycles to crafting specialized firearms.

In an interview with FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, the creator of Jesse James Firearms Unlimited said all it took for him to start the artisan firearm company was a simple move from California to the state of Texas.

“I don’t like being so repetitive so I moved to Texas and just kind of the fire industry found me and it’s like oh my God, this is what I am supposed to be doing,” he said.

The celebrity craftsman’s business model is based on the concept of doing more with less.

“More, more, more isn’t the answer I kind of found out. I mean some people have that business model, ‘We gotta have 15 percent growth every year and all that and I just don’t like it. I think less is more for me,” James said.

James says his previous motorcycle business, West Coast Choppers, limited his ability to be creative and positioned him more as a midlevel manager which he resented.

“When I moved to Texas, I made it a point to keep it really small, talented artist crew and you know limit the quantity and limit what we do,” he said.

That talent is showcased in one of his latest designs, the "Lady Liberty" Full Damascus. The handgun has an actual piece of the Statue of Liberty woven into it and retails for $85,000.

James, who voiced his support for President Trump after having spending time with him on NBC's ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, said the administration has the right idea in cutting taxes and regulations.

“It’s spot on because you know we always saw business owners as like an opportunity to like ‘oh how can we get so much money from them and taxes and regulation and stuff’. People need to stop and realize that the business owners are paying everyone’s taxes,” he said.