Jenny McCarthy: Steven Seagal followed me to my car, asked me not to tell

The sexual harassment scandal in Hollywood that initially began with allegations against Harvey Weinstein continues to expand, revealing a seemingly industry-wide issue. Movie director Brett Ratner now faces multiple allegations while “One Tree Hill” creator and executive producer Mark Schwann was accused of sexual harassment by cast members including Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton.

Actress, model and “Blondies” creator Jenny McCarthy, who was also an MTV host like Hilarie Burton, discussed the alleged sexual harassment she faced in an audition with Steven Seagal when she began making the transition from modeling to acting.

“I went into an audition and wore a long muumuu-type dress that he [Seagal] could pay attention to my eyes. I did, I looked like Mrs. Roper, you know because I wanted to be taken seriously, I was Playmate of the Year at the time and not many people take a Playmate of the Year seriously at all,” McCarthy told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria.”

According to McCarthy, Seagal commented on the dress.

“He asked if I would lower my dress because my dress was too baggy and I said ‘no.’ And he said ‘well, there’s nudity in this movie.’”

But when McCarthy countered that there was no nudity in the movie, she says Seagal replied “there’s off-camera nudity.”

She says she then left after telling Seagal, “no…go ahead and pick up my Playboy video, it’s on sale.”

But Seagal reportedly followed McCarthy to her car and said “don’t tell anyone.”

After the audition McCarthy says she called her mom and vowed to tell the world once she became famous.

When asked if she was surprised to hear about the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, McCarthy responded, “Not at all, I’m surprised it took so long though for the world to really start talking about it.”