Jeep's Twitter Account Hacked, Claimed to Be Sold to GM

A day after hackers hijacked Burger King’s (NYSE:BKW) verified Twitter account, cyber villains have now set their sights on Chrysler’s Jeep brand, filling its official account with offensive language and claiming it was sold to General Motors’ (NYSE:GM) Cadillac.

Chrysler, a Detroit automaker who also competes with Ford (NYSE:F), says it is aware of the situation. The agency that manages its Twitter feed is trying to regain control of the account. It's unclear at this time what agency manages Jeep's account.

Hackers using the account, which still appears live, have sent a handful of tweets using a variety of hashtags and mentions that closely follow those used by the hackers that attacked Burger King on Monday afternoon.

One tweet even claims that there will be no more Jeep production because “we caught our CEO doing this…” with a link to a picture of a man doing illegal drugs. While the picture is different, it bears a liking to a post from Burger King’s hacking that claimed similar allegations about its employees.

Twitter, which in the past has not commented on accounts for privacy and security reasons, did not immediately respond to FOX Business on Tuesday.

Burger King’s account was eventually suspended. While Jeep’s still appears active, a tweet on the account hasn’t been sent out in at least 40 minutes. Rapid-fire tweets occurred within a 10-minute period shortly after 1:30 p.m. ET.

The attack comes as Twitter hackings in general are on the rise.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) disclosed earlier on Tuesday that some of its Mac systems were infiltrated by hackers, reportedly the same group that targeted Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) last week.