Items to Buy in the Month of March

Consumer confidence hit a three-year high this month, with the Conference Board, an industry group, reporting Tuesday that consumers are feeling better not only about the economic climate, but their own income prospects.

With shoppers feeling more optimistic, wallets are bound to be opening more frequently throughout the month of March. Here are three of the best items to buy in early spring, from Andrea Woroch, Public Relations director and Consumer Savings expert for

No. 1: Perfume. Just because Christmas and Valentine’s Day have passed doesn’t mean your significant other has given up on smelling great. Woroch said March is the perfect month to snag great deals on pricey scents. “After Christmas and Valentine’s Day they offer amazing deals, because those months are huge times of the year for retailers,” she said.

No. 2: Winter apparel and products. Once spring fashions hit the shelves, retailers are itching to get rid of their winter clothing. This goes for snow shovels, salt and winter household supplies as well. “They are pushing out all of their winter stuff in March,” Woroch said. “And the northern states might be able to still use some of them for another month or so.”

No. 3: China and flatware. The holidays are over, and wedding season is on its way, so March is a perfect month to purchase new dishes and utensils. “If you don’t mind last year’s patterns and items, you can find some great prices,” she said.