IT pros go mobile for holiday work

Despite lean staffs and tough economic times, fewer IT professionals intend to spend holiday time in the office this season, according to survey results that show the number of high-tech workers planning to log hours at work reduced by half since 2006.

Mobile evolution helping to redefine 'workplace'

Intermedia surveyed some 200 small and midsize businesses to learn IT pros' holiday work plans. The results differed largely from a similar study conducted in 2006, which showed 84% of high-tech workers intending to travel to the office during the holiday season. This year's results found that 42% of those polled plan to make the drive into work, while a majority of IT pros said they would telework, checking in on e-mail and other work issues from home this holiday season. Eighty-two percent of business managers intend to log in remotely, and 75% of IT staffers will also telecommute, the Intermedia survey found.

The work-from-home results this year point to two causes, Intermedia Chief Marketing Officer Manlio Carrelli said in a statement. The first being a more mobile workforce and the second having more to do with burnout from a long year of double-duty for IT pros.

"The survey results reflect a more mobile workforce. Higher numbers of managers are using smartphones and Outlook Web Access, so there's less need for them to be tethered to the office during the holidays," Carrelli said.

On a lighter note, nearly 90% of IT pros and business managers said they won't use work as an excuse to get out of household chores, and 89% of IT pros indicated that they won't pretend to work to avoid relatives.

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