Israeli Consul General: Iran Deal Should Concern Every American

As U.S. lawmakers fiercely debate the details of the Iran nuclear deal, Israeli Ambassador Ido Aharoni says he is highly concerned with the ramifications it could have on the Middle East.

“[It’s] very bad news,” Aharoni said. “It means that you’re unleashing a more robust, vigorous rogue regime like Iran, the number-one producer of state-sponsored terrorism in the world. You will be further increasing the instability of the region, contributing to the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the future, as well as conventional weapons.”

He told FOX Business Network’s Trish Regan that the potential deal should worry more than just Israelis.

“It really goes way beyond Israel,” Aharoni said. “We are there just by the physical location… but, this is of concern to all of us. The last push the Iranians made within the framework of the negotiations was for [intercontinental ballistic missiles]. The question we all have to ask ourselves is ‘what do they need them for -- 12,000 kilometer range?’”

He added, “you don’t need a 12,000 kilometer range to hit Israel -- it’s only 3,000 kilometers away. You don’t even need that to hit Europe -- it’s only 7,000 kilometers away. 12,000 kilometers is exactly the distance between Tehran and the East Coast of the United States. This is why it should be of concern to every American,” he said.