ISIS Releases App That Targets Kids

Terrorist group ISIS is now targeting children. It has released a new kid-friendly app that uses cartoons, bright colors and allegedly guns to teach the Arabic alphabet and language.

“We ought to not be surprised because when you look at ISIS they are using cybercrime, for example, to reap a great deal of funding – they are a very sophisticated organization,” said former NATO Commander Admiral James Stavridis to the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartirmo.

Stavridis believes the app will mainly target European populations and disenfranchised populations in the Middle East.

“We’ve never seen a terror group like this that operates globally [and] has such sophisticated advertising and branding. Think about that black flag of ISIS; Two years ago, you could not have picked it out of a lineup. Today, it is the most downloaded image on the World Wide Web,” he said.

While it will be up to U.S. allies to counter the operation, he’s “hopeful” tech companies and the U.S. government will find common ground to track the app.

“I’m hopeful we can negotiate that kind of agreement between [the] U.S. and big tech companies. We just saw a few days ago Twitter step back from helping the U.S. government in a surveillance means. This is a delicate conversation between privacy and security,” he said.

Stavridis also commented on the Navy firing the officer in charge of sailors detained in Iran.

“The investigation has not been revealed as yet but what this tells us is that the Navy feels as though this officer who is responsible to train that crew broke down and did not give them the navigational training, the rules of engagement training, the concept of defending their ship. They failed in all those areas,” he said.