Is Your Son Covered by Your Car Insurance?


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I have a car that is titled in my name. Is my son automatically covered by my car insurance?


Dear Bill,

Maybe. It depends on a variety of factors. If your son lives under your roof, he typically needs to be named specifically on that policy, since it is assumed he'll have access to your car regularly.

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If he lives elsewhere and is driving the car only when he's visiting, he may be covered by the liability portion of your policy, though perhaps with limits. It's also possible that he may not be covered at all under your policy. However, the liability coverage of his own policy may cover him while he's driving your car.

Damage to your car is most likely covered regardless of who is driving, assuming you have comprehensive and collision coverage. This type of coverage typically applies to the car itself.

To be sure, read your car insurance policy thoroughly or call your agent for clarification before your son gets behind the wheel.

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