Is This Job a Good Match? LinkedIn Will Tell You

Looking for a new job? LinkedIn just launched two new features that aim to make the hunt a little easier.

A new How You Match feature shows how your education level, skills, years of experience, current job title, and other factors stack up against what employers are after. When viewing a job on LinkedIn, just glance over to the right side of the listing to see a checklist of How You Match.

"Knowing whether or not you're a good fit for a role is one of the most challenging parts of the job hunt," Vidya Chandra, LinkedIn's product lead for job-seeker experiences, wrote in a Monday blog post. "Being able to understand exactly how your skills and experience match with what a potential employer is looking for can feel like solving a riddle with no clear answer."

How You Match is intended to help job seekers make more informed decisions about where to apply. It can also help illuminate areas of your resume or LinkedIn profile that need updating, or the skills you need to acquire to advance your career.

Keep in mind that recruiters can also see How You Match, so they'll be able to more easily weed out applicants who don't make the cut.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn is also rolling out a 1-Tap Apply feature, which should make it a lot easier to apply for jobs on your mobile device. Chandra says LinkedIn has seen "massive growth" in mobile adoption over the past few years, and many are browsing for jobs on their phones, but often don't have their resumes handy on their handsets.

The new 1-Tap Apply feature lets you save basic information, including a resume, and apply for jobs with a simple tap. LinkedIn will then send the prospective employer your full LinkedIn profile, email, phone number, and resume.

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