Is the World Broke? Small Business Owners Say ...


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Every five years, there are national or financial crises that cause me to reinvent my company around newly created paradigms of business needs and direction. These shifts are all in the direction of killing off entrepreneurism, lowering standards and adding less value. Our financial model is based on money-in-motion and not creating value. By 2020, I believe that the decay in business morality and fiscal responsibility combined with the socialist agenda of our federal government will lead to the collapse of U.S. industrial and economic might and we will be broke and in chaos. Are we going broke? Yes, and we are becoming morally bankrupt at the same time. -Reno-based management consultant Tom Taormina Related links: Is the World Broke? Full Coverage 10 Best States for Entrepreneurship and Small Business 10 Worst States for Entrepreneurship and Small Business

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