Is Kaepernick Expressing the Right Message in the Wrong Way?

The Brewer Group CEO and former NFL star Jack Brewer weighed in on San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick continuing his protest by not standing during the national anthem.

“It’s America and I’m just as [mad] as Colin Kaepernick about young African-American men that are unarmed being killed by a rogue few police officers without any consequence. ..but, it’s the way that you put your message out.  He’s looked up [to] by kids, you know,” Brewer told the FOX Business Network’s Dagen McDowell.

Brewer then reacted to photos of Colin Kaepernick showing him wearing socks depicting police officers as pigs, calling the move “disgusting.”

“There’s so many other profound African-American leaders, community leaders, athletes and activists, we should highlight those people because Colin Kaepernick in my opinion is not that person.  For you to really go and show police officers in that way is disgusting,” he said.

Brewer also pointed out that the NFL often fines players for violating the league’s uniform policy.

“I played in the National Football League, if I wore Adidas socks, or if I wore Reebok socks and we’re a Nike league, I got fined,” Brewer continued, “I’ve seen several players get fined for wearing the wrong uniform…I would expect the league to come out and make a statement against [Kaepernick’s socks].”