Is ‘Big Deal on Twitter’ Resume Gold?


Tweets of the week: When is the right time to celebrate progress? And some good news for professionals “in it” for more than the money: here are some of the LOL-inducing, insightful and character-limited words of wisdom that helped me run my business this week.

@shawnries They should make an alarm clock that when you hit the snooze button, it turns into a robot and goes to work for you.

@DanaJGould "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...."  No pressure.

@prodigalsam Mondays feel like biting into a chocolate chip cookie only to find out it’s oatmeal raisin.

@LizMartinez I've learned many, many things this year. What I have not learned, however, is how not to lose my phone.

@AmberTozer Sometimes I like spending a lot of time on Facebook and other times I'm not mentally ill

@dawkinsfred #Anticipation is one of the most important attributes of a successful #Entrepreneur

@heathercampbell Well, that's the last time I try to stir concrete with my foot.

@mollymcnearney My iPhone is at the Genius Bar and I feel like my child is in the hospital.

@SamGrittner I'm making sure to put "Big Deal on Twitter" at the top of my resume for all the serving jobs I'm applying for.

@zerohedge Japanese Sold U.S. Debt in March, Longest Run Since 2008. And bought Italian, Spanish and Greek debt. This will be so fun

@JonahLupton Most Profitable Companies: 1. Exxon 2. Apple 3. Chevron 4. Walmart 5. JP Morgan 6. Berkshire 7. Microsoft 8. IBM 9. Wells Fargo 10. GE

@monaeltahawy Effort some put into trying to destroy other people's ideas is quite astonishing. Negativity & character assassination r easy. Creativity?

@ValaAfshar Please do not allow your education to get in the way of your imagination. Believe in the possibilities.

@KnowledgeBishop Any brand that offers end-to-end, text-based #custserv via mobile will have me as a fan!

@Hyken Everybody debriefs the bad to make sure it doesn't happen again. Should also debrief the good to make it a habit.

@iTweetFacts Oprah earns: $315,000,000/yr $26,000,000/month $6,000,000/week $850,000/day $35,000/hr $600/minute & $10/second.

@HarveyMackay You know what you do well and what you do poorly. Decide what to outsource and delegate these tasks to others.

@shaunsimpson I love #LinkedIn, but is there anything more worthless than their endorsements. People I have never met endorse me.

@RepThomasMassie Under the #MarketplaceFairnessAct, consumers would end up paying higher prices, and small biz would be placed at a serious disadvantage

@tiffanyiwaddell Twitter mining is cool. I love having access to information....and I don't even have to google it. #socialmedia (my millennial is showing)

@DarrylSellers #Socialmedia to say Happy Mother's Day? Some Facebook users plan to send their greetings this way; I don't. :-)

@ReformedBroker Alan Abelson was one of the smartest, wittiest and most important market commentators in Wall Street history, one of my earliest teachers.

@michaelsantoli The $SPX is 4-5% above the old 2007 high. Private-sector GDP is 4-5% above its 2007 high. Intentional over-simplification, but still true.

@Leadershipfreak Celebrating progress doesn't motivate when it's done at halfway points.

@smoothsale Ah-ha moments come to those who attend business seminars as ideas come together at a profound time.

@comScore In #localsearch for businesses, PCs used in beginning stages while mobile & tablets are used towards end of purchase cycle

@dangerroom Crappy press release of the day: "Iron Man 3's Inaccurate Depiction of Chattanooga."

@alexjmann What they don't teach you in school is that spite and resentment are much better motivators than a dream.

@JElvisWeinstein Since Iron Man 3 did so well I bet they'll get the Kickstarter page for Iron Man 4 up pretty quickly.

@dharmesh35m Observation: Those that are genuinely not in it for the money often end up making a lot of it.

@carney When they built that famous “bridge to nowhere” we didn’t know that was going to be the destination of so many American workers.

@Hyken Customer loyalty & fan loyalty are almost the same. Neither a typical business or professional sports team should take fans for granted.

@smoothsale Interviews mirror sales - Close by asking in your vocabulary, "Do I fit the profile you are looking for?"

@jennihogan It's mothers day week right? That means we get the whole week to pull this card :) Cheers to all mothers out there!!!

@ConstantContact Did you know? Moms are 61% more likely to visit Pinterest than the average American. #MothersDay

@SalesLeaderTodd YOU are a "business to be acquired" and that starts with your professional value proposition.. you're selling statement !

@jowyang Information and understanding are two different things. We've excess of the former, little of the latter.

@charlesarthur I do hope that Will-i-am is asked for a comment on the Fergie retirement, so we don’t have to do the obvious jokes.

@marshallk the Internet is going to win.

@servantofchaos OH: I can't speak geek but I understand the concepts

@AmberCadabra That thing when everyone is all in love with something…and you don’t get it at all.

@MeetingBoy I've already heard "value-add" 12 times and it's only 9:30.

Gene Marks owns the Marks Group PC , a ten person sales and marketing technology consulting firm outside of Philadelphia that serves more than 600 small and medium companies around the country.