H&R Block CEO Fires Back After Trump’s Trash Talk

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H&R Block CEO: There are ways to simplify the tax code

H&R Block CEO Bill Cobb on the company’s first-quarter results, tax reform and Donald Trump.

In an interview on FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, H&R Block CEO Bill Cobb provided insight into presidential candidates’ push for tax reform.

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“The tax code is used to administer social programs. The complications really come from… dependent care, child care, the Affordable Care Act -- all of these social programs are administered through the tax code because they know that Americans once a year have to come and fill out the tax return,” he said.

Cobb also responded to Donald Trump’s calls to simplify the tax code and ‘put H&R block out of business’ during an interview with FBN.

“There are ways to simplify the tax code… It isn’t like we want complexity. I have to train all these people… We have been in business for 60 years and even back in 1955 [the] tax code was pretty simple, yet people came to us for help…  people always want help -- this is an intimidating piece and Congress makes the laws… there’s going to be 535 people any presidential candidate has to deal with, ” he said.

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