How Virtual Reality is Helping Athletes Train Smarter

With virtual reality advancing by leaps and bounds, sports leagues and teams are beginning to utilize the technology to improve how athletes train.

“We have a handful of teams that work with us and what we do is provide two things for them. We provide virtual reality simulators that are smartphone based … and we also have entire rooms built out that the athletes can go stand in and it’s kind of like the real-life holodeck,” EON Sports VR CEO Brendan Reilly told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Reilly weighed in on the wide range of sports that are taking advantage of the technology.

“We work with NFL teams, MLB teams, we’re talking with EPL teams, Australian Rules, it’s very clear at the elite level people want to train smarter and keep their bodies fresh,” said Reilly.

Reilly then explained the factors behind the recent surge in virtual reality’s use.

“I think the technology [has] now gotten to the point that we can actually apply it to mobile based solutions. Before it was huge bulky computers, it wasn’t realistic to do this in an optimized, mobile type way. Now that technology has made leaps and bounds, we’re able to offer this in a realistic price point and a realistic experience that really does simulate what it’s like to be on a field,” he said.

Reilly discussed how virtual training helps athletes as well as professionals in a wide range of industries.

“The practical applications are training, so whether you’re working as a surgeon, or a fighter pilot, or a baseball player, the more you learn by doing in the virtual reality the better,” Reilly said.