How to Launch a Successful Job Recruiting Campaign

At the heart of almost every successful business is a great team of employees, but hiring the best and the brightest is no easy task. As most experienced business managers know, finding the most promising talent can often be a long, drawn-out and expensive process, requiring careful planning and a sound strategy. Knowing where to search and who to look for will save you time and resources, and ensure that you attract the best possible candidates. Here are five tips for launching a successful recruitment campaign.

Job Description

Tailoring a job description to suit your specific needs will help to attract your ideal candidate. Your requirements should set high standards and be as specific as possible about particular skills and requirements, to ensure that only the best-suited candidates will apply. A great way to determine which skills and attributes would best suit your company is to identify the greatest qualities in your existing employees and decide which characteristics would complement and improve upon your current team. Once you’ve decided on your ideal candidate and drawn up a strong description, it’s time to launch your recruiting campaign.

Employee Network

The easiest and cheapest way to tap in to a powerful network of qualified and like-minded potential candidates is through your current employee network. By advertising the position through word-of-mouth, e-mail or on bulletin boards around the office, you can mobilize your staff to begin searching among their own networks for potential candidates. Some recruiters even offer extra incentives to employees who refer a successful job applicant.

Connect with Educational Institutes

Depending on the level of skill and experience required, you might consider contacting your local colleges and training institutions about recruitment opportunities. Most colleges have a recruitment board, allowing companies to advertise positions to specific schools and departments. You could also consider contacting teachers and professors directly to inquire about their recommendations.


Over the past decade, the internet has become a powerful tool for recruiters seeking to reach a wide audience. Posting a classified ad on a popular website such as Craigslist is free and can often generate huge responses. If you’re looking for specific skills and qualifications, recruiting giants like Monster allow employers to search through large networks of jobseekers to identify and connect with their ideal candidates. You might also consider creating a “careers” section on your own company’s website, where you can advertise any available positions.

Social Media

In recent years, a number of popular professional-networking sites have emerged to help recruiters connect with jobseekers. LinkedIn is by far the most widely used of these sites, claiming more than 135 million registered users. The site displays a user’s employment history, skills and qualifications, allowing employers to seek out their ideal candidates. More traditional social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have also begun catering to recruiters, with the latter enabling users to create resumes on the site using special applications. With hundreds of millions of users across the globe, these social networks can prove extremely useful for recruitment campaigns.