How to Fight Your Power Trip


There are ways to guard against being corrupted by the power that is a reality for many leaders in today's organizations, says Harvard Business Review.

"One of power's distinguishing, and often talked about, characteristics is its ability to corrupt. Yet, having and wielding power is a reality for leaders of today's organizations. So what can you do to guard against being corrupted by your power?

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1. Use your clout for good. Ask yourself: what good can I do with my authority? Focus on the positive change you can bring about. For example, does your power allow you to push for innovation or envision new possibilities?

2. Acknowledge the pull toward corruption. Don't pretend that power doesn't have a dark side. Think about how power can corrupt you; keeping it in mind can help you keep it in check.

3. Ask others to challenge you. Surround yourself with people who are willing to call you out if you start to abuse your power."

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Today's management tip was adapted from "Stop Your Power Trip Before It Starts" by John Baldoni.

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