How to Bounce Back from a Scandal


While the fate of Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner is yet to be decided, many leaders have been able to successfully stage a comeback after a scandal. Check out a list of ten leaders who are back on top. And want more traffic? has three strategies to consider.

What’s your retirement plan? The New York Times says many small business owners aren’t saving enough for retirement, and those that are confident they can sell their business to retire should think again.

Leaders who bounced back: While Anthony Weiner may not overcome the latest sexting scandal, has a list of ten leaders who were able to bounce back from controversy.

Silicon Valley lessons: When it comes to company culture, The Wall Street Journal says big companies like Target and GE are taking a page from Silicon Valley startups.

3 tips to building traffic: PolicyMic tells how it’s able to attract six million unique visitors to its site every month.