How to Avoid Being a Financial Turkey This Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving: A time for family, food and of course, arguments about money! Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Ameriprise stopped by’s headquarters to answer some burning questions and dish out some juicy tips for navigating the Thanksgiving table and those sensitive subjects. Watch the video above for expert advice from financial advisor Betsy Billard, and check out highlights below.

Young Love...

A young couple is moving in together, how can they get prepared?

“What you need to think about it whose name is on the lease? … Do both of you have enough savings to put down for a down payment? Those are the two topics  that come to mind most often.”

Fresh Start

Fired from your job?  How to best navigate the transition:

“You have to ease in to your next job and really consider how much cash reserve you have and what you actually might want to do.”

Starting a Startup

Looking to start your own business but need some family financial help? Here’s how to do it:

“Show you have a business plan. And take a key person from your family aside after the meal.”

As Ameriprise suggests, consult with your financial advisor to help you stay on track and stick with your plans. Happy Thanksgiving!