How Small Businesses Can Utilize the Cloud

The cloud is no longer just a puffy thing in the sky.

Cloud computing provides a fast and easy way for businesses to launch not only websites, but mobile and social applications, too.

DigitalOcean, a site that provides cloud hosting, is turning its focus to what it considers a niche market: small businesses.

“We're targeting small businesses, startups and developers. That's a market that's been completely neglected by the larger providers,” DigitalOcean CMO Mitch Wainer tells Lauren Simonetti on’s “Small Business Center.”

DigitalOcean allows customers to create a cloud server in just 55 seconds, says Wainer. The business, launched in 2012, now boasts more than 40,000 customers worldwide.

“We have competitors, but we feel we're in our own market because we're catering to developers and we're offering a simple infrastructure solution - cloud infrastructure solution,” says Wainer. “They're able to get their cloud server online in under 55 seconds. So it's really revolutionized the cloud industry.”

Wainer says the advantages to using the cloud include convenience, agility and access to cutting-edge computing power.