Hot Sectors for Job Growth

In the month of January far fewer jobs were created than expected, with 36,000 added for the month the Labor Department reported Friday. The unemployment rate also fell to 9% from 9.4% in December.

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So, you may be wondering where the jobs are in America. Steven List, CEO and CFO of Global Employment Solutions which operates in Chicago and up and down the eastern seaboard, said growth is happening in many industries across the country, and continues to improve each month.

Here are List’s picks for sectors seeing the most growth right now.

No. 1: IT. Companies are looking for ways to remain at a lower employee headcount, and remain effective. Enter the IT field.

“IT is really hot right now,” List said. “So is anything related to it. Companies want to maximize efficiency.”

No. 2: Manufacturing. Industry rebuilds are taking place all over the U.S., List said, and especially in the auto industry.

“People have to manufacture the goods to go into that growth and rebuilding,” he said.

No. 3: Sales. List’s company does temp placement and permanent hiring, and in recent month sales positions have been in high demand by companies, he said.

“People are getting more optimistic,” List said. “They want to grow the top and bottom lines as the environment improves.”