Home Depot Co-Founder's Advice to Trump: Start Changing Your Tone

During an interview with Neil Cavuto on the FOX Business Network, Home Depot (NYSE:HD) co-founder Bernie Marcus said Donald Trump needs to change his behavior on the campaign trail, in order to gain the support of more GOP voters.

“I think Trump had better get his act together if he’s going to get Republicans to vote for him,” Marcus said.

Marcus, who was supporting Jeb Bush, offered his own advice to Trump.

“My advice to him would be start changing your tone and start trying to correct what you’ve done in the past that has alienated a lot of people,” he said.

The Home Depot co-founder added: “The only thing that Donald Trump can start doing is start mending fences, which he doesn’t seem to be doing. I think he has to do it as quickly as possible. He’s a very bright guy, he’s very smart, and he’s calculated. This is not a dumb guy and he’s usually a winner at what he does, but this is a case of not dealing with another contractor. He’s dealing with the American people and he better understand that the American people are very diverse and they don’t like to hear some of the things that are coming out of his mouth.”

Marcus touched on how Trump needs to talk about how he’ll work with Congress to pass legislation.

“I never hear any comments from him talking about the fact that he has to work with Congress to pass all these things that he wants to do, and I think it’s a very essential part of our democracy.”