Home Depot Co-Founder Has a Message for Republicans

Home Depot (NYSE:HD) co-founder Bernie Marcus says if you’re not behind Donald Trump, you’re electing Hillary Clinton.

“All of the Republicans out there, I say the same thing… [If you’re] going to stay neutral, you might as well vote for [Hillary Clinton] because your lack of vote for Donald means she’s going to get elected anyway,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto.

Donald Trump, revised his tax plan, last month, proposing to reduce the number of income tax brackets and bring rates down to 12%, 25% and 33%, and cap the corporate tax rate at 15% -- a plan that Marcus says will stimulate jobs and create a better environment.

“When I listen to Hillary Clinton and I listen to the [economists] who never in their life ever hired a human being or trained a human being, I say, I don’t know the world that they belong in.  I know that when you have high taxes that you kill off jobs. Killing off jobs means hurting America. It means hurting the economic wealth of America – and that’s not good for anybody,” he said.

Despite starting The Home Depot in 1978 when taxes were higher than historical averages, Marcus attributes a unique,  unusual business and luck to its success.

“We were lucky because we didn’t have a lot of debt going in and we had a lot of cash flow, but I can tell you this… Many of the vendors that sold to us, the manufacturers, we actually bought products from them that we didn’t need. We paid in ten days, which was normally not what we paid in, to keep them afloat. And I can give you ten companies that we kept afloat that are major companies today that are actually going to disappear off the face of the earth… Those are experiences that you have in a real life. This is not the never-never land of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and Obama. That’s a world that exists in their world but every indication is that America will go down the drain if in fact she is elected” he said.

Marcus also had a message for Republicans: “Those Republicans out there, if you dislike Donald Trump, just look at Hillary Clinton. This is a corrupt family… you look at what they’ve done. Since Tammany Hall – we have not seen it at this level… You’ve got to vote for Trump. You may not like him, but you [have to] vote for him because he’s going to save this country.”