Hiring Managers Say Skills Gap is Widening


Despite the current unemployment levels and the millions of people looking for work, some employers say they are finding it more difficult to find the just-right fit for open positions.

The skills gap is a persistent issue for hiring managers in today’s job market, according to Career Advisory Board’s 2012 Job Preparedness survey. Only 17% of hiring managers say jobs seekers are qualified for their organization. And, 20% of hiring managers say managerial candidates have the necessary skills and traits for their positions.

The indicator shows that prospective replacements are falling short when it comes to skills to fill positions.  Managers are looking to fill mid-and senior-level jobs, and are seeking candidates that can work in a high-demand setting. However, job seekers are continuing to showcase entry-level job skills, dependability and motivation, the survey found.

Other needs to remain competitive include the effective use of social media, as well as the ability to be cross-functional.  Having a global perspective and a basic understanding of technology were also important to both hiring managers and job seekers in the study.

In addition, 40% of hiring managers and 36% of job seekers said their confidence in the job market overall, depends heavily on the outcome of the nearing 2012 presidential election.