High-Tech Wallet With Fraud Protection Built in

Small Business Spotlight: HuMn Wallet, @HuMnWallet

Who: Ken Minn

What: High-tech wallet with a minimalist design

When: 2012

Where: Portland, OR

How: Founder Ken Minn says the HuMn Wallet was inspired by his own business travels. “I would get to the hotel room, empty out my wallet, take some cash, a couple of cards and tie it with a rubber band,” says Minn.

Wanting something more appealing, Minn set out to design a more high-tech version, and took to Kickstarter to get the funds. The company raised over $295,000, which helped them produce a simple, sleek wallet that keeps cards secure and blocks RFID skimmers as well. Minn says RFID skimmers can scan cards from a distance to steal information.

The HuMn Wallet retails for $140.

Biggest challenge: Minn says production has been a challenge. While the company started manufacturing the wallets in the U.S., they’ve transferred some manufacturing overseas in order to get better quality.

One moment in time: “We’re proud we’re making a difference in the world. As simple as a wallet may be, we are changing people’s wallet habits,” says Minn.

Best business advice: “Be prepared that everything will take twice as long and cost twice as much,” says Minn.