Helly Luv: My Weapon is My Music


Helly Luv on fighting ISIS: My weapon is my music

Kurdish pop star Helly Luv discusses why she chose to fight ISIS with her music.

Kurdish pop star Helly Luv, who some compare to Shakira or Lady Gaga, is joining the fight against ISIS- through her music. In an interview on FOX Business Network’s After the Bell, Luv said she was not afraid of making a music video of her song “Revolution.”

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“I wanted to tell the truth,” she told Melissa Francis. “Obviously there were hundreds of thousands of Peshmerga fighting, so we really got the courage from them… There’s no reason to be afraid.”

Luv explained the meaning of her music video is freedom, peace and justice.

“I feel that as an artist, my weapon is not the real weapon. My weapon is my music.” Luv added, “I feel like it’s my duty to fight in this war as well. The message is to really send to the people that this is not just Kurdistan’s war, that ISIS is not just the enemy of Kurds. It’s the enemy of the whole world.”

As her music and message became popular, the pop star received death threats from ISIS, but said she is determined to stay focused on that message.

“It feels unrealistic,” Luv said. “I try not to think about it because I think what I’m doing is more important. I feel that if I can get my voice to millions of other people from those people whose voices have been shut down… I think it’s worth it… and really, in a way, it’s also a privilege. I feel it means that the message of revolution is as powerful as their weapons.”

Luv also asked President Obama to help aid the fight against ISIS.

“We need help with weapons. If we can give the Peshmerga the weapons, they can destroy the enemy. Even right now, they don’t have strong weapons, but they’re still winning.”

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