Heidi Cruz: We Need a 10th Amendment Guy Like My Husband

Heidi Cruz is a successful career woman, but when it comes to supporting her husband Ted Cruz, she’s all in. During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, she discussed why she took a leave of absence to support her husband on the campaign trail.

“He’s done that so many times for me in my career, helping me win, and I’m very pleased to be able to give this to the campaign,” she said.

Cruz is currently a finance executive who met her husband while both working on George W. Bush’s 2000 campaign.

“I’ve very much enjoyed my career in the private sector.” She added, “It’s really a wonderful thing in this country that we have the opportunity to run for office to give back and to run on our values.”

Cruz said the main reason behind joining the campaign was because she believes “he is the Republican candidate that’s best suited to beat Hillary Clinton.”

“Ted understands the constitutional liberties that undergird our country. He understands that we need to create jobs growth and economic opportunity… and that comes from the private sector. Ted is a tenth amendment guy. We need to reduce the size of the federal government and put power back to the states and keep our economy strong,” she said.

Cruz also said she wants people to understand who he is as a father and head of a household.

“I really fell in love with Ted immediately. We kind of had a love at first sight romance -- and I want Americans to know what the qualities were that made me fall in love with him… He’s principled… He is a person of great courage… The last thing is he is very thoughtful. Ted’s a romantic, he loves a Broadway play. He never misses a date. He always finds the occasion to bring flowers. She added: “look at how a man treats his children, his wife and his mother.”