Headphones Adjust to How You Hear Music

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Smart headphones optimize sound to your ears

Nura Headphones co-founder Dragan Petrovic on creating headphones that self-tune for a more individual hearing experience. The headphones are currently available on Kickstarter for $199.

Personalized music and exceptional sound quality are becoming the new trend in the entertainment and technology industries. One headphone maker is looking to change the way its users listen to their tunes by adapting to a person’s individual hearing.

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“The core idea behind it [the headphones] is to allow people to get closer to the music that they love, and enjoy it and hear all the detail and the full richness,” said Dragan Petrovic, the COO and co-founder of Nura Headphones, the company behind the new gadget.

Petrovic said a person’s hearing is as unique as their face or voice, and explained how the company’s technology works to the FOX Business Network's Neil Cavuto.

“The first time you put on the Nura Headphones, they will measure your hearing—it’s a process that takes about half a minute to a minute,” he said. “The way we do that is we actually play a series of tones into your ear and we can actually measure the response of your ear.”

He added: “This isn’t just your ear canal. It actually measures the response of your ear all the way to the cochlea, which is the organ that’s responsible for transmitting the sound information to your brain.”

The company launched on Kickstarter last week, and once the device is in mass production its retail price will be $399, according to Petrovic.

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