Harvard turning a blind eye to discrimination?

Harvard University announced recently that it will ban all social clubs from its campus for being exclusive and discriminatory.

Brendan Clarey, a college student and New York Post intern, wrote an opinion piece stating that Harvard should instead focus on its own “discriminatory policies,” such as underage drinking and sexual assault, rather than “demanding made-up rights like equality and exclusivity.”

“Harvard faculty, a committee of them, proposed a ban on all the single gender organizations they call it, so all the fraternities, all the sororities, and all of the social clubs,” Clarey told FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney on Thursday.

Clarey criticizes the University for letting equality and political correctness prevail over students’ rights to freely create and join different social groups.

“The logic behind it is you know if not everybody can be a part of it than no one should. It’s like they have this idea of a radical inclusivity like everyone needs to be a part of it and that’s really the driving force behind it,” Clarey said.

By eliminating all fraternities and sororities, Clarey says Harvard is avoiding real discriminatory issues facing students on the campus.

“Banning sororities and fraternities is not going to solve anything and the real problem is too that Harvard itself does not take a stand on underage drinking like it should,” he said.