Guns Worth Over 175K You Can Shoot

500-year old gun maker Beretta has two luxury shotguns on sale for $175,000. During an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Varney & Co. Beretta Trident Program Director Ian Harrison discussed what makes the guns one of a kind.

“It’s the fact that they are hand-built. In fact, even the tools that we use to make these guns are hand built. There’s the wood, the engraving, the hand-built factor and in this case the engraver… It’s engraved by a Japanese engraver… This is the first time a Japanese person engraver has worked on a shotgun and he also worked on the Tanto sword as a package,” he said.

While the guns are top-of-line, Harrison says they can still be shot and that usage won’t diminish their value.

“What would perhaps hurt the value if it’s destroyed completely, if you break the stock. And over time, of course, value will drop just slightly.”

He also said the gun market is “very good.”