Growing Pool Franchise’s Strategy: Keep it Simple

Small Business Spotlight: VivoPools @VivoPools

Who: Willan Johnson

What: A pool care company spanning five states

When: 2009

Where: Monrovia, CA

How: With a background in management consultant, Willan Johnson says he looked at the companies providing pool care and service and thought to himself that there must be a better solution.

So, he set out to create one himself in VivoPools, which provides pool owners a variety of services, from weekly pool cleaning to repairs and upgrades. “We provide services to both residential homeowners and commercial clients,” says Johnson, “in California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida and New Jersey.”

In the first full year of business, Johnson says VivoPools made $1.5 million. By the third year, the company had $6 million in sales. Today, VivoPools employs more than 100 workers across five states.

Biggest challenge: Johnson says managing a business across five states has proved challenging.

“We want to insure consistency across a wide area,” says Johnson.

One moment in time: “I’m proud of creating a brand and a level of service that helps people enjoy their backyards, and brings friends and family together. The pool is a great place to meet, barbecue and have a good time,” says Johnson.

Best business advice: “Keep things as simple as possible! It’s easy to try to a number of strategies, but keep it simple,” advises Johnson.