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Great Clips CEO: Bringing Kids into the Franchise Fold

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All in the family for Great Clips franchise

Great Clips CEO Rhoda Olsen on why multigenerational franchises are good for business.

Great Clips CEO Rhoda Olsen has been with the franchise hair salon company for more than 25 years. And as the business has grown up, so have the children of franchisees.

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In a Conference Room interview with FBN’s Jeff Flock, Olsen said having franchisees bring adult children into the business has improved the overall company. Since Olsen joined Great Clips, the company has grown from just 40 franchisees to over 1,200.

“We also love the fact that they’re bringing in the Gen Two. It’s strengthening the organization,” said Olsen.

The Petrowichs, for example, are one of the multigenerational Great Clips franchises. Husband-and-wife team Jim and Susan Petrowich purchased a Great Clips franchise after pursuing careers in consumer goods and teaching, respectively.

“Well, we decided at that point we were looking for something where we could get a little independence, some financial security, spend more time with our lovely daughters,” said Jim Petrowich.

The plan has worked. Daughter Carolyn Petrowich said she started helping out in the salon and doing the franchise’s accounting when she was only 12 years old.

Now, she’s helping run the business. Olsen says this sort of multigenerational leadership is bringing Great Clips into the 21st century

“We love the Gen Two because they push the technology,” said Olsen. And the technology is paying off for Great Clips. Olsen said the Great Clips app has been great for keeping customers happy and fulfilling the mission of providing convenience.

“87% of customers that check in online [on the app] wait less than 5 minutes,” explained Olsen.

For more on Great Clips’ story, check out the Conference Room video above.

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