Google Shutters Social Network Orkut, Cuts Quickoffice


After a decade long attempt to popularize the service, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is shutting down its social network, Orkut.

Users can no longer create new accounts as of Monday and the site will officially close on Sept. 30. Orkut communities can still be accessed through an archive and profile data can be downloaded through September 2016.

One of Google’s early efforts in social media, the site struggled to gain traction in most regions beyond India and Brazil. At one point it was Brazil’s most popular social network, but Facebook surpassed it in 2012.

“Orkut was Google’s first foray into social networking,” Paulo Golgher, Orkut engineering director, said in a blog post. “Orkut helped shape life online before people really knew what ‘social networking’ was.”

Some of the company’s other social attempts like Google Wave and Google Buzz have also been shuttered. Going forward, Google will focus its social efforts on YouTube, Blogger and Google+.

"Google has been pushing Google+ so it is no real surprise that they are consolidating properties," Neil Doshi, analyst at CRT Capital, said.

Google announced a revamp of its Google Docs service at its Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco last week. On Monday, it also announced it was shutting down Quickoffice, an app for document editing.

"Now that Quickoffice is being built directly into Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, users can edit Microsoft Office files without needing a separate application,” Google said in a statement. "If you've already downloaded Quickoffice, you can still continue to use it.”

Google shares are up 31% in the past year. They are currently trading around $576, with a market cap of $391 billion.