Google Sharpens Photos With Artificial Intelligence

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Your photo album and everyday snaps are getting a big upgrade thanks to Alphabet’s Google Photos (NASDAQ:GOOGL). The tech giant is now using their smart image searches and artificial intelligence to identify people in pictures so it can automatically share that photo with that person.

“We all take pictures and we’re good at it and we’re good at sharing them on social but we are thinking about how we can take this the next level,” LaToya Drake, Google Technologist tells FOX Business. Drake, who is part of the annual Google I/O conference underway in Mountain View, California where over 7,000 developers from around the globe are gathered, explained how the technology works.

“For example, how do you take something like photos and have machine learning recognize who is the photos and automatically share it with them, so it’s one less thing that you have to do. That is what we are focused on.”

As a result, the company’s half a billion monthly active users will be able to share photos with friends and family easily using both Android and iOS systems. Additionally, the company is hoping take their new technology a step further to keep your photo albums up-to-date as well.

“Now Google Photos will select the best pictures that you have and create a book for you and have it actually sent to your home,” adds Layota.

The app will also help users eliminate blurry photos and duplicates, and it will release shared libraries automatically to people who it recognizes in the photos. And even if iOS users don’t have the app, they can be notified via text message that someone wants to share a photo will them.

Latoya says Google is committed to machine learning and how it can make are everyday lives better.

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) also continue to update their functionality when it comes to photos, albums and sharing.