Google Launches New Mobile Ad Displays

By Sara AngelesSmall BusinessBusinessNewsDaily

Mobile advertising can mean big business. The problem is that not all mobile devices are built alike. With hundreds of smartphones, tablets and e-readers available — all running on a wide range of operating systems, Internet browsers and screen sizes — mobile-ad displays can be very problematic. Sometimes, mobile ads don't appear correctly. Other times, they don't appear at all. Small businesses can't afford to deal with these nuances. Google aims to change that.

The search and online advertising giant announced today (Sept. 29) that it will roll out new mobile-display-ad formats and tools across the company's advertising properties, specifically the Google Display Network, the AdMob Network and DoubleClick. With this new mobile-advertising system, Google aims to deliver an improved user experience and make it easier for advertisers to launch successful mobile-advertising campaigns regardless of users' devices and screen sizes.

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To help advertisers better reach and engage with mobile consumers, Google will offer four types of new ad display formats built specifically for mobile devices: engagement ads, TrueView ads, anchor ad format, and magazine style text ad format. [Google AdWords Secrets: What Works for Small Business]

  • Engagement ads. These ads are built for brands, these rich-media (i.e., videos, photos, location-based) ads use HTML5 to automatically resize ad displays based on viewers' screen sizes. You only pay when users engage with your ad.
  • TrueView ads. These are video ads that run on gaming apps in the AdMob network. They give users the freedom to choose which ads they want to watch. You only pay when users watch the entire video, not when they skip the ad.
  • Anchor ad format. This format "anchors" your mobile Web ad at the bottom of the screen, so it stays put as users scroll up and down the Web page. Users also have the choice of closing the ad.
  • Magazine style text ad format. Available on the Google Display Network and AdMob, the magazine style text ad format gives advertisers a full-page ad display, much like magazine advertisements.

If you already advertise with Google, you won't have to start from scratch. The company will also roll out ad management tools, so you can easily convert your existing ad campaigns into mobile-ready ad displays. These tools include auto-resizing, Flash-to-HTML5 conversion and HTML5 in-app ad formats.

  • Auto-resizing tool. This tool will automatically create mobile-specific ad sizes on the Google Display Network.
  • Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool. Not all mobile devices or mobile browsers support Flash — if you run interactive, Flash-only ad displays, chances are that these users never see them. Instead, the Flash-to-HTML5 tool (available on the Google Display Network and DoubleClick) automatically launches these ads in HTML5 format, so they are seen by all mobile users, regardless of their device.
  • HTML5/in-app ad formats. This DoubleClick tool gives you access to a collection of prebuilt rich media ad templates for HTML5 and in-app ad displays.

Originally published on Business News Daily.