Goodell’s NFL contract demands are untrue, league consultant claims

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly asked for a $49.5 million contract extension but Marc Ganis, president of Sportscorp and consultant to the league’s 32 team owners, told FOX Business’s “Varney & Co.” the lavish demands, which were reported by ESPN, are untrue.

“He didn’t ask for the contract—the term of art these days, fake news. One person puts out a story because they have an agenda—that’s what happened here. To quote one of the members of the committee: ‘that story is garbage,’” Ganis told Stuart Varney.

Goodell also reportedly requested the lifetime use of a private jet and health insurance for his family, but Ganis struck down those claims as well.

“The reality is where Roger’s contract would be is roughly the same amount of money that he is making now and with that being many specific performance clauses that would be voted on by many of the owners as each year comes up,” he said.

Despite NFL protests, which have resulted in a ratings slide, team owners will look to Goodell to play a key role in leading the league through the next collective bargaining agreement and broadcast contract cycle.