GoDaddy, Danica Patrick hope to fulfill dreams after IndyCar

Race car driver Danica Patrick is speeding towards the next chapter in life -- helping others live out their dreams.

“There’re so many different things that already exist right now as businesses and other things I’m already thinking into and dreaming into, as I like to say,” Patrick told FOX Business’ Cheryl Casone. “I get this from my dad -- I’m a big dreamer.”

She has reunited with GoDaddy, a key sponsor early on in career as an IndyCar driver and through her transition to NASCAR, for her final two races -- the Daytona 500 -- which took place in February and the Indianapolis 500 in May -- dubbed as the “Danica Double.”

“So much of it has come full circle, you know, with the car, with the sponsorship, with the race itself -- everything,” she said.

After Indy, GoDaddy will help Patrick focus on transitioning into a business woman.

“Our brands are so similar -- like the way that we’ve grown up together with the way that our branding has gone,” she said. “And now they are all about helping small businesses and people that are dreaming, that have sort of side hustles or things that they love to do outside of their normal job and then helping people nurture that and through a website and various different things that help them make that their real job. That’s my life right now.”

And that’s not the finish line -- along with a winery, clothing line and book, Patrick is also interested in cooking and fitness.

Even though Patrick has only one IndyCar victory, she has several top-10 finishes, is the only woman to ever take a pole position in the Daytona 500 and has a very large fan base.

Her advice to the future generation of women is to envision your passion and not worry about what divides you from others.

“Dream as big as you possibly can and if you fall short then it’s probably still going to be pretty amazing,” she said.