Germany arrests 2 Japanese, 1 American in darknet drug case

German prosecutors say authorities have arrested two Japanese citizens and an American on suspicion of selling millions of euros worth of drugs online.

Frankfurt prosecutors say a 43-year-old Japanese man, a 40-year-old Japanese woman and a 39-year-old man from the U.S. were arrested late Thursday in Berlin. Their names weren't released.

In a statement Friday, prosecutors said the suspects were part of a gang that sold cocaine, cannabis and Ecstasy on darknet websites, which aren't visible without special software.

Prosecutors say the three suspects and a 38-year-old Japanese woman who's still on the run received at least 2.3 million euros ($2.51 million) from the sale of drugs online since September 2012.

Authorities seized several kilograms of illegal drugs during their search of five Berlin apartments.