Gerald Levin Blasts Leadership Skills of Obama, CEOs

Former AOL Time Warner CEO Gerald Levin, a self-described lifelong Democrat, said he’s “beyond disillusioned” at this point with President Obama.

In a conversation this week with FBN’s Neil Cavuto, Levin said he doesn’t see the president exhibiting the fundamentals of leadership.

“Who’s articulating our values, you know, American exceptionalism, so we can stand for something. This country stands for something,” said Levin. “And what’s our strategy? When do you intervene? It’s just so confusing.”

With the current geopolitical tension, Levin expressed discomfort with President Obama’s vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard.

“[L]eadership is also about symbolism,” said Levin. “It bothers the heck out of me that we’re hearing from [him] at Martha’s Vineyard in his sports shirt and his sports jacket hugging and hobnobbing … Why not go on Air Force One … to Ferguson, Missouri and show some leadership?”

But Levin’s criticism didn’t stop at the Oval Office. He also had tough words for today’s corporate leaders.

“The geopolitical situation affects not only the markets -- it affects our international companies. So let’s hear from accomplished leaders that have something to say in the public debate. We need more voices,” said Levin.