Gene Simmons’ Latest Gamble in the Business World

Though perhaps best known as the bassist of the rock band KISS, Gene Simmons has long been a successful businessman as well. The Rock & Brews Restaurants co-founder talked about his latest business venture with the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Simmons first weighed in on reports Kim Kardashian made $50 million in 2016, saying, “Good for her, good for Jessica Simpson for having a billion dollar brand, good for celebrities to go out there and make sure that people understand who and what they stand for, you don’t have to be talented or be able to write or sing.”

According to Simmons, his Rock & Brews chain has seen rapid growth despite being a relatively new restaurant.

“We’re at airports, we have two at LAX [Los Angeles Airport], already the number one restaurant there.”

Now Rock & Brews is expanding outside the world of restaurants with plans to announce a casino in Braman, Oklahoma.

“First we’re opening our first Rock & Brews in St. Louis and then we’re going to announce on January the 12th the very first Rock & Brews casino [and] resort which is going to change the way people experience these things.”

Simmons then explained what Rock & Brews does to help America’s heroes.

“The opening day of every Rock & Brews is dedicated to our vets, the public is not allowed in, we honor them, we give them big checks, you know, we hire them, it’s really a fantastic thing.”