Gary Player to Trump: Hard Work Made America Great

Golf legend Gary Player sunk the 31st ace of his illustrious career at 80 years old during the Masters Par 3 Contest at Augusta National. The contest was witness to nine hole-in-ones, breaking the previous record of five in a single year.

“I work very hard… and I’m 80 years young and I’m only just warming up,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Donald Trump, who owns a number of golf courses, marveled at the legend’s workout regimen during a speech in De Pere, Wisconsin.

“He worked harder than any other golfer, but he was a small guy, but he hit it good, he hit it far. Great, great golfer… Always kept himself in shape. I saw him the other day, he’s 80 years old, he’s phenomenal, he still looks like he did 20 years ago,” said Trump.

Player responded, “I’m off to the gym right now,” adding, “and two days ago I did 1,300 sit ups and crunches, pushed 400 pounds [with] my legs, and I get on the treadmill at max… As you know Donald’s Doral; he’s given and created so many jobs and re-done the place… and it’s high quality and I thank him for that nice compliment because what made America great was hard work.”