'Future-Proofing' Your Tech Purchases

Technology is constantly evolving, so today’s “must-have” item can turn into an obsolete gadget in a matter of weeks. But wary buyers may now have more incentive to give into their tech indulgences, with retailers like Target, Radio Shack and Best Buy offering to “future-proof” your purchases with varying buy-back programs.

The stores are offering to take back sophisticated gadgets, and return a fraction of your money depending on the time frame that has passed since your purchase.

Best Buy, for example, is now offering the program for free to customers who purchase laptops, netbooks, cell phones and televisions. Within six months of buying an iPad, for example, a customer can get up to 50% of the price paid back on a store gift card to use toward technology in the store.

Starting this Saturday, however, buyers wanting to participate in the Best Buy program will have to pay to protect their purchases.

Tait Jorgenson, Best Buy manager in Chicago’s Lincoln Park location, told Fox Business that the program is perfect for technology enthusiasts who want to keep up with emerging products.

“This is for customers that want the latest and greatest to stay on top of tech,” Jorgenson said. “That’s who this is designed for.”