Funding Pakistan, but Military Suspends U.S. Tuition Assistance

The disconnect in Washington continues. While warning us of increased security lines at airports, the TSA pushed through a $50 million deal to buy new uniforms. The USDA warned they will not be able to monitor the food you eat, but will forge ahead with its partnership with the Mexican government on food stamps. There's also the release of thousands of illegal immigrants from jail by the Homeland Security department, which has posted more than 100 job openings this month alone.

There’s the closing the White House to public tours, but they’re giving 139 staffers six-figure salaries!

The list of hypocrisy in this government goes on and on, but this latest example of sequester hype may take the cake.

The Pentagon is cutting assistance for American troops! According to members of Congress, the Marines spent $47 million to help graduate 50,000 military members last year.

That money represents just a tenth of a percent of the Pentagon's budget.

The Army offered similar assistance by giving $4,500 annually for courses and more than 200,000 soldiers participated in the program.

Here's the hypocrisy of it all!

We're cutting these programs, but are still spending nearly $13 million on education aid in Pakistan! Where hatred against the U.S. is at record levels! That $13 million is just a fraction of the $370 million we’ve spent on all forms of nondefense aid to Pakistan in 2012, and another $250 million in additional aid to Egypt.

This administration is really missing a golden opportunity here with this sequester. Instead of acting like a two-year old and throwing a temper tantrum, laying people off, closing the White House, and making other big spectacle cuts, why not really look at where the money is going.

Look at smart ways to meet the new budget requirements.

No one's telling you to never spend another dime. We just ask that for once you spend that money wisely!