From the Inbox: Most Annoying Work E-mails

This week I learned more than I needed to know about the Petraeus affair, Elmo’s situation and how to prepare for Thanksgiving. Check out my favorite 'Small Business Tweets of the Week'.


I know #blackFriday is a big deal but if you want to help out your community and economy support and plan to buy on #smallbusinesssaturday


if you don't say you're thankful for me when we go around the table on #thanksgiving I'm breaking up with you. #crazygfproblem


There's discussion that 'Fiscal cliff' should be "Debtpocalypse" or "Debtmagedden".I say dress it up for the season and call it Debtmas?.


Stuffing a #turkey the night before isn’t a timesaver; it’s dangerous! Stuff just before cooking:  #Thanksgiving


Never take anything for could be taken from you in an instant #twinkies


BREAKING: Michael Moore & Rush Limbaugh forge alliance to bail out Hostess.


Somewhere, in the offices of a smalltown newspaper, a young columnist excitedly types the name “General Betray-us,” thinking he’s first.


Of the 100 largest economies in the world, 51 are corporations; only 49 are countries.

@jimmyfallon - The president of Microsoft Windows is stepping down after 23 years. His resignation letter just said “Control-Alt-Delete.” #fallonmono


From the Inbox: "Your time is greatly valued. Please answer these 18 questions."


Truly shocked by the disturbing implications of the Petraeus/Allen scandal. There's such a thing as "a Tampa socialite"?


In an act of defiance with myself, I just archived my entire mail folder and somehow feel liberated from the past. #winning


Can we please stop saying - mobile is changing everything. Incase you didn't notice it already did & now it is a default state. #rant


Oh no! I just got an e-mail from General Petraeus.


What is the average loss for a business from payments fraud in 2011? $19,200!


#smbmagnet. Rich, relevant website key to enhancing Google organic search results. Don't forget to be mobile-friendly!


I repeat. If you don't allow me to unsubscribe with one click, you get the spam flag. #nopatience


Is there a Foursquare badge for having a FEMA inspector visit your house?


When it comes to the relationship between you and your customers, any deviation from the truth can irrevocably erode valuable trust.


having a 2 party system is awful we should have lots of parties you know like party all the time


if unions drive Hostess out of business the current crop of Twinkies will only remain edible for the next 2000 years.


Lapsley: Our recent finding show that 82% of business leaders find it harder to business in #CA #CASummit #Economy


If China is most entrepreneurial country in world, then Lagos is most entrepreneurial city. You see how logic breaks down.


You can't treat your customers well if you treat your employees poorly.


Still no responses to my Craigslist ad: “Hot Biographer Needed.”


So......I guess we all are supposed to be cool with the fact that "Unsubscribe" doesn't mean anything anymore?


If market continues at this rate of decline since election day, we'll be down about 40% by the end of year Fiscal Cliff deadline.


Pelosi on pandas: "They're adorable." #news