Freshii CEO: Failures a Key to Success

He had no experience in the food industry, but now Freshii CEO Matthew Corrin is proving his jump from fashion was the right move.

Claman: You started out off 10 years with zero experience in the food industry.  You now have 160 locations in 13 countries. How does somebody become a success in an industry about which they know nothing?

Corrin: Because talk is cheap, execution sets us apart.  And quite frankly, we don’t sit around talking about doing things,  we actually execute. And it’s not always perfect, but it’s more often than not, it’s the right way.

Claman: But coming from the fashion business and going into the food business, you just looked around and said “I can’t find healthy and fresh food at a good price, at a quick price.”

How did you just start the engine and get it going as quickly as you have?

Corrin: Well we started with salads, which a decade ago was the definition of healthy, fast food.  And today, it’s something totally different.  It’s quinoa and it’s kale.  And in five years from now, it’s going to be something totally different.  It’s our job to be innovative on those things.  Quite frankly, this business, like most businesses, is not rocket science.  It’s hard work, and we think as long as we work harder than anyone else we’ve got a good shot of leading this very new segment of the restaurant industry.

Claman: Do you learn more from your successes or from failures?

Corrin: We spend all of our time focusing on the failures.  Those before us who have actually not executed [have] gone from significant success to very quick failure.

Claman: And that’s how you succeed!  Good luck to you.  Matthew Corrin of Freshii – he’s the CEO.