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MOG has a new Web service for music lovers. A jewelry designer finds inspiration in India. Shop safely with a new way to pay. Get a free download every day this month. And be the first to know when any item on your shopping list goes on sale.

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New to tune town: just launched its all-access music service, giving you a choice of more than five million songs on demand from the likes of Universal Music Group and EMI.

You can listen to the songs you like, skip the ones you don’t, and easily access the lyrics to songs you’ve never heard before -- all the while saving the ones you’d like to hear again. And there are no ads while you listen. The catch: it will cost you $5 a month, but that gives you unlimited access.

Crystal Clear

Looking for a unique gift for the girl who has everything? Danna Kobo at RubyKobo/Shashi Designs is working hard to fill orders to match your search.

Sold at stores like Intermix, Free People and Shop Bop, Kobo's Indian-inspired "Shashi bracelets" consist of one or two rows of crystals woven together on satin or leather cords. You can stack multiple pieces together, or wear one all by its sparkly self.

“These bracelets are so universal,” says Kobo. “You can wear them all day at work and then out in the evening. And with a retail price under $100, they make great gifts.”

Bloomingdales (M) also carries the popular line. Greens and reds are the holiday favorites right now. But if you don’t get your hands on one this month, Kobo promises you’ll have lots of new designs to choose from in the New Year.

Cash is King

Keep your personal financial information safe online with

With its new feature called The Shop, you can find savings and discounts for stores like, Sears (SHLD), and Kmart, to name a few. You simply choose the item you want to buy, select the eBillme option at checkout, and it sends a bill directly to your bank online. Which saves you the hassle of entering credit-card information.

Most of the coupon codes you’ll find today are valid through December 6th. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can try This online shopping mall boasts products from more than 800 retailers, offering daily deals and discounts for this holiday season and throughout the year.

Songs from the Amazon (AMZN) is offering a new holiday song every day -- for free -- through the month of December.

Music lovers have already downloaded “Joy to the World” from the Casting Crowns, plus Tori Angel’s “Snow Angel.” Find out -- and listen to -- what’s next at, as you get ready for Santa.

Personal Sale Alert!

Love those travel sites that send you price alerts? Well, is a Web site that does the same thing, except with goodies like shoes and apparel.

Most alerts sent by ZingSale contain discounts up to 25% off the retail price. On a daily basis the site tracks prices of more than 100,000 products and sends you an e-mail whenever a product on your list goes on sale. You can sign up at, store your shopping list on the site and search for free coupons and shipping codes at stores like Macy’s and Jos. A. Bank.

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