Exclusive: 5 Questions and a Plug with Creed's Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp performs 'With Arms Wide Open'

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Scott Stapp performs 'With Arms Wide Open'

Singer Scott Stapp performs the hit song 'With Arms Wide Open' on Mornings with Maria.

With arms wide open, FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria snapped some behind-the-scene photos and chatted with Stapp in an exclusive interview, asking him “Five Questions and a Plug!”

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Summer is here! What is your summer go- to song? What are you listening to right now?

Scott Stapp: Right now I am pretty much on my daughter Milan, on her playlist, and my daughter’s favorite summer song is [ Demi Lovato’s] “Cool for the Summer.”

FBN: Where do you keep your Grammy?

SS: In a case in my house, in a display case – all my awards are in there.

FBN: If you weren't a rock star, what would you be?

SS: Ugh! I really wish I could have been a pro baseball player.  Shortstop!

FBN: Ketchup or mustard on your hotdog?

SS: Mustard.

FBN: What’s your motto to keep you going even in the tough times?

SS: Oh man, one day at a time.

FBN: What's your plug?

SS: Ah man, I’ve got a few things going on, I’ve got  a new record coming out in October with a new group of guys that I did a project with called  “Art of Anarchy” and I am always writing man so I have new material in the works for next year.

Check out Stapp’s moving performance of his Grammy-winning song “With Arms Wide Open” above.

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