Former Chess Champ Kasparov: Make Putin Look Like a Loser

Vladimir Putin is calling the shots in the Middle East and former World Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov says that inaction by the U.S. has big consequences.

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto, he said: “It emboldens Putin… Iranians… North Koreans… They are getting more aggressive, more arrogant… They feel invincible if they see no action from our side. All they see now is weakness, indecisiveness and retreat.”

Kasparov assessed Putin’s power.

“He knows how to bluff and he has a very weak hand… No one on either side will call his bluff… he is raising the stakes and he knows that the opposition will always fold all the cards,” he said.

Kasparov said the dealing with Putin starts in the Oval Office.

“If you have [the] Commander in Chief of the United States military accepting defeat before the battle even starts and trying to remove America from its global role… what do you expect from Europeans? Now they are dealing with this massive refugee crisis, which is a result by the way of Putin, Assad and the Iranians dealing in Syria and again, America pretends that it’s all far away. So for decades America had enjoyed the luxury of two giant oceans, but the world is getting smaller and for those that are saying ‘oh it’s too far away from us’ -- yes, the Japanese military built up in the Saudis was far away. Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan in the 90’s far away. But if you think that you’re done with war, the war is not done with you.”

He also said Putin will find ways to create more havoc.

“He is getting crazier and crazier. Yes, he’s running out of money and he’s still spending a lot of his remaining funds on military, security and propaganda. This is the war budget and if he’s really desperate, he’ll start new wars -- war about crossing innate borders in The Baltic State. Or also trying to push ISIS down south to start with Arabia.”

Kasparov believes if you make Putin look like a “loser,” it will encourage people to rise against him.

“People in Moscow should understand that Crimea has a price… Send weapons to Ukraine -- demonstrate real political will to confront Putin… and then you do something protecting American allies in the Middle East.”