Forget Bosses, Secretaries Run the Show

Bosses may often get the credit, but office secretaries are the ones who are indispensible, according to a new poll in which nearly two-thirds of workers said the office administrative assistant was responsible for holding the office together.

Bosses shouldn’t feel too bad, though, because secretaries also get higher marks from workers than workers' own spouses do.  According to the poll, more workers felt that secretaries knew their daily routines better than their spouses.

Workers likely have this high view of administrative assistants because of the many tasks which they fill in the office.  According to the survey, secretaries reported filling roles around the office in everything from human resources to accounting. Secretaries also described themselves as being a concierge, an occasional therapist, a magician and a miracle worker at times within their company.

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"This survey highlights what most people already know – administrative assistants are crucial to a successful business," Anabela Perozek, vice president of marketing for, said. "From magician to human resources director, administrative professionals fill every role imaginable in the office."

The survey revealed that workers would most prefer having Pam Halpert of "The Office" as a secretary at their company over any other TV secretary. Mimi Bobeck of "The Drew Carey Show" and Joan Holloway of "Mad Men" were two other secretaries that workers would welcome to their organization.

The information in this study was conducted by Staples in honor of National Administrative Professionals Day, celebrated on April 25.  The survey based its findings on 624 responses received through social media.

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