Forecasting the Future with SXSW Trends

In today’s roundup of small business stories on the web, we’ve got lots of food for thought, from new strategies for hiring (and retaining) the best employees to the hottest trends dominating tech festival SXSW.

Listen more, speak less: Find out how actually listening to your own employees – rather than just telling them what to do – can help bring more value to your business.

Welcome to the future: Check out the five trends that are making a splash at SXSW, from 3D printing to wearable tech.

Skills don’t matter: One Forbes writer makes a case for hiring underqualified candidates with aptitude, rather than those with the necessary skills. Do you think he’s on to something – or crazy?

Weekend plans matter: Do you know what your colleagues, partners or staffers do on their weekends and free time?  One VC investor argues that the smartest people’s weekend activities will lead you to the next big trend.

Cash isn’t king: In terms of motivating employees, noncash – but still tangible – benefits are best.  Find out why.