For Entrepreneurs, It’s What Obama, Romney Didn’t Say


With only 11 days until the election, the candidates are using their last days on the campaign trail to drive home their pitches to voters.  Monday’s debate was supposed to be centered on Foreign Policy, however President Obama and Governor Romney kept bringing their talking points back to taxes, the economy and job creation at home.

While Obama and Romney squared off once again during the debate on their differing tax policies, a poll released Thursday found a majority of small businesses support letting tax cuts for higher income earners expire.  The scientific opinion poll conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research for the Small Business Majority found 52% of businesses believe tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% should expire.

Also, nearly 60% said they believe government can play an effective role in helping small businesses thrive. The poll was conducted with 47% identifying as Republican or independent-leaning Republicans, and 35% identifying as Democrats or independent-leaning Democrats. Eight percent identified as independent. The poll questioned 500 small business owners across the country.

Small-business owners also don’t like what the candidates are saying, or rather what they aren’t saying.  According to a new Wall Street Journal/Vistage Small Business CEO survey, respondents said there has been a “gaping hole” in campaign discussions about small business.

The survey polled 797 small-business owners and bosses on the differences between candidates on the issues, and what issues they consider to be critical in the campaign. Health-care came in at the top spot with 62%, followed by 61% choosing the economy. Access to capital had 46% of the vote, followed by taxes (40%), immigration (29%) and Internet regulation (22%).

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